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Attendance: Randy Jones, Pastor George, Pastor Charlane, Bill Evanson, Nancy Dynneson


The electrical switch has been installed. There was some “shake up” damage to this unit. This will be replaced by the supplier, but the original was installed to move the project forward and provide for a permanent power source which is required for the elevator to be installed.


Pastor George stated that the new area had been used for a wedding reception Saturday the 10th and this went well. There were toilets in the bathroom, but the sinks were not hooked up yet. The area was used for Sunday AM coffee and those in attendance were excited to see what is complete.


Pastor George also stated the Teresa Anderson has been in contact with the architect regarding the tile in the nursery. It is not the correct color, and the subcontractor will remove it and install the correct tile.


Nancy had some questions for Bill that she has been asked frequently and here are the responses:

·         There are two sumps in the elevator shaft, so should one malfunction, there is a backup.

·         The water entering the shaft seeps in slowly and will eventually activate the sump. Thus, when

the sump activates, there is a larger quantity of water to pump. This accounts for the “river” of

water noted running down Lincoln.

·         There is about a 4 foot dead space below the elevator itself. Because of this, should Sidney continue to experience a high water table, if there was a power outage, it would be quite a time before the shaft actually filled to the level of the elevator.

·         The end of the canopy will be covered by the siding used in the other areas. It will be installed once they receive a round vent that is pre-finished to match the siding. This goes in the center of the end of the canopy and a cross will be constructed within it.


Bill presented some tentative dates for the project:

1.       Countertops are scheduled to arrive September 15th.

2.       The hollow metal frames for the doors are scheduled for arrive September 20th.

3.       They are hoping to have the Glue-lam beams stained before the 29th of September. 

4.       The wood trim and ceilings are scheduled to arrive September 29th.

5.       The elevator is scheduled for installation October 17th. Bill has contacted the elevator supplier and should an opportunity arise that they could install sooner, they will work toward that. Bill stated that the current lift would be left in place until the new elevator is installed and inspected. When they can remove the lift, Kringen Construction will work on all the changes to the narthex at that time.

6.       The wood doors are scheduled to arrive October 20th. Bill is hoping that most other work will be done when the doors arrive, so the install will basically be the only job left, along with the narthex.

7.       The bi-fold panel doors are scheduled to arrive October 24th, and because of their size, that install will take a little more time.


Pastor George and Bill discussed when Mr. Fasig should plan on returning to paint. They established a time and Pastor George will communicate that to Mr. Fasig.


We discussed a final completion date, and Bill stated he is hoping this will be November 1. We discussed the need to get things wrapped up in a timely manner to allow for the final financing. This should not be an issue.


Pastor George stated that Gary Johnson will be on site again once the wood arrives for install. He will contact this group when a date is set.


Pastor George questioned if Bill felt it would be possible to plan for the meal for second capital campaign wrap-up in the new area. Bill said this should not be a problem. The meals planned for 10/9 and 10/13 will be in the new construction. This is an opportunity for everyone to see the results of the first campaign, while moving forward to the second.


Respectfully submitted by:

Nancy Dynneson


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